Pre sales service process of KEYSUN power supply & charger products: customer request sample making sample confirmation quotation customer order production shipment customer satisfaction research documentation

After sales service process of KEYSUN power supply & charger products: customer feedback information collection and offering & Analysis Solutions

"ZF120A" quality power supply implements the after-sales service commitment of "one year replacement and three-year warranty", the specific details are as follows:

1. One year replacement: if the power supply & charger has non-human quality problems within 12 months from the date of sales to customers, the products can be replaced free of charge.

2. Three year warranty: if the power supply & charger is sold to customers within 12 months to 36 months, if there are non-human quality problems, we provide free maintenance service, and customers only need to bear the logistics costs.

3. Beyond the warranty period: if the "ZF120A" brand power supply exceeds the three-year warranty period, we also provide free maintenance service if the customer requires maintenance. Customers only need to bear the logistics and raw materials, spare parts and other costs.

4. Determination of warranty period: when the "ZF120A" brand power supply leaves the factory, the production date is printed on the product sticker, so as to facilitate customers to accurately calculate the warranty period and judge whether the product is within the warranty period. KEYSUN technical department will issue the test report and treatment opinions within 3 working days after receiving the "ZF120A" brand power supply that needs to be repaired.