What are Class P LED driver and why should you choose it?

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What are Class P LED driver and why should you choose it?

60W dimmable driverKeySun POWER has launched the N / H / L series waterproof dimmable LED driver from 2019, in order to give customers a more flexible and time-saving way to avoid recertification and retesting, KS POWER also acquired a series of safety regulation certifications UL/cUL 8750, ENEC GS (IEC/EN 61347), Class 2, Class P, CE, SELV... Luminaire manufacturers can cut costs, enhance their speed to market, and simply alter their product lines as a result of this.


You may wonder what are Class P LED drivers and why should you choose them?


The Class P program was created by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) launched in January 2016 with the goal of better supporting luminaire makers by allowing freedom of substitution for LED drivers without having to recertify their products. It`s a program that establishes guidelines for evaluating and testing standardized LED driver constructions and ratings.


The Class P program is a UL-listed program. UL listing indicates that UL (Underwriters Laboratories) has tested a product, and it complies with nationally accepted safety standards and is free of a reasonably foreseeable risk of fire, electric shock, or other hazards.


Features of The Class P LED Driver

- Class P Led drivers are listed LED Drivers as finished items
- Do not consider temperature parameters.
- In the case of a failure, the power supplys safety is more dependent on component safety.
- Set aside temperature parameters to allow for a more flexible replacement power supply option.
- Set aside temperature parameters in order to be more competitive in the market.

Requirements For The Class P LED Driver


Class P LED Driver is evaluated according to the applicable requirements of the Class P LED Driver in UL/cUL 8750. Following are the requirements Class P LED Drivers must have:

1.Under normal rated load conditions, the maximum shell temperature of any point on the LED driver`s outside surface cannot exceed 90℃.


2.Under abnormal conditions, the maximum shell temperature of any point on the LED driver`s outer surface cannot exceed 110°C; however, it is allowed to reach 150°C in a short time. Abnormal conditions are component failure (short circuit or open circuit) conditions, in any under overload conditions, including output short circuits, and abnormal tests due to increased ambient temperature.


3.The Class P LED Driver can also be evaluated by UL/cUL 8750, the nominal Type IC LED Driver, which means that when the LED driver is installed in the lamp, it can directly contact the thermal insulation wool in the ceiling.


Class P is a UL provided thermal performance rating that can be added to show the cross-compatibility of different LED driver brands in the market for use in luminaires. The N / H / L full series of KS POWER Outdoor LED drivers has certified UL/cUL Class P, if you have any inquiry, contact us here. We'll happy to assist you!

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