KeySun power supply product certification upgraded to new IEC / en / UL 62368 safety standard

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Author : Mick Zou
Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46

KeySun power supply product certification upgraded to new IEC / en / UL 62368 safety standard

With the continuous updating and development of audio / visual and i.t.e. product safety standards, the quality requirements of power supply products are becoming higher and higher. The new IEC / en / UL 62368 standard is a safety standard, which introduces the principle of safety protection based on hazards. It will completely replace the original IEC / en / UL 60065 (audio and video audio / video standard) and IEC / en / UL 60950 – 1 (information technology i.t.e. standard) from December 20, 2020. This new standard applies to many high-tech products and provides more flexible design for products, making it easier to adopt new technologies. In order to avoid the high cost and trouble caused by the change of certificate, Zhenhuan electronics has announced that most of the AC-DC power supply has been upgraded.

The new standard (or revised standard) has the same scope as the replaced standard, that is, IEC / en / UL 62368 is applicable not only to terminal system, but also to components such as external power supply. The new upgraded power supply of Zhenhuan electronics also meets the latest level 6 energy efficiency standard in terms of energy consumption. It adopts desktop type, plug-in type and replaceable plug type in design, and provides complete power range from 3W to 200W and various DC output plug options.

The new standard covers a wide range of high-tech products, including:

·-Computing and networking products: servers, PCs, routers, Laptops / laptops, tablets and their power supplies

·-Consumer electronics: amplifiers, home theater systems, digital cameras and personal music players

·-Displays and display equipment: displays, televisions and digital projectors

·-Telecommunication products: network infrastructure equipment, cordless telephone, mobile phone and similar communication equipment, including battery powered equipment

·-Office equipment: Copier and shredder

·-A variety of similar audio / video, ICT equipment: for use in homes, schools, data processing centers, commercial and professional environments


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