New Products: 20W-60W High PFC Triac Dimmable or Non-dimmable LED Driver

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Author : Ati Yang
Update time : 2023-06-08 15:11:00

KSPOWER, the standard power supplies manufacturer, based on reasonable cost and high efficiency, has designed and launched its new generation of high PFC plastic case led driver power supplies, the PUT and PUN series. These series provides 4 output voltage models, including low-voltage SELV-compliant 24Volt/ 12Volt and 36Volt/ 48Volt, and make the output wattage from 20W-60W, which can be used in a wide variety of for Kitchen Cabinet,Counter,Shelf,TV Back,Showcase 2700K Warm White,Bright 1500lm, LED lighting and energy systems' equipment.
KSPOWER's new products LED drivers follows the ultra-slim and high PFC design, and increases the PUT(Triac/phase-cut dimmable) or PUN(Non-dimmable) series for choose.These series features class II/2 (plastic housing) and insulated design, with SELV and isolated circuit design, the two series can be a safer LED driver. The wider adjustable input range and constant power design can reduce the number of output models (SKU) and matching design problems, improving the efficiency of stocking units.

In addition to the before mentioned features and applications, KSPOWER has also applied for UL8750 and EN61347 certifications for the full PUT and PUN series, providing customers with lighting solutions for LED appliances, accelerating product certification and mass production.
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